Ensemble MOSAIC

Ensemble MOSAIC, an ensemble group organized in 2009 by violinist Joo-in Lee and pianist Minna Sungmin Han, is making efforts to communicate intimately with the audience and popularize classics widely through concerts along with the presentation of various themes and commentaries about the background of music and stories of life. Instead of insisting on ensemble of a fixed formation, moreover, the group uses various forms from duo to trio, quartet, small orchestra, chamber orchestra, and ensemble with singers depending on the style of music, and loads their music with the philosophy of harmony as if creating a beautiful picture using pieces of different colors as in mosaic. The ensemble stationed at Banpo Art Hall in 2013 and 2015 for their activities, and plans to develop exciting music stories through various special concerts.

Minna Sungmin Han, piano
Yoon-Young Cho, flute
Joo-in Lee, violin