Violinist Joo-in Lee’s Biography

Violinist Jooin Lee, described as a “violinist with full of expression, the most touching sound” has actively performed as a recitalist, a chamber musician, and as an orchestral player. She started the violin at the age of seven in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Lee's musical talent was recognized by one of the most significant classical music composers of Korea, Yung-chul Kim. The composer dedicated his work, “Violin Sonata,” for her to perform at Se-jong Center, the biggest concert hall in Seoul.

Jooin Lee is a poet of the violin, with a special love for beautiful sound.

Gerald Fischbach

After pursuing her bachelor of music degree in Seoul, Dr. Lee continued her music study in the United States. As a result of earning the highest honor with her master's degree at the University of Maryland at College Park, she was chosen to perform as an honor graduate at the commencement ceremony. Although Dr. Lee was an international student, she received full scholarship at the University of Maryland in violin performance due to her exceptional talent and commitment for excellence.

During her stay in America, Dr. Lee performed solos, in collaborative ensembles, and was an active orchestral player with great success. Dr. Lee won the Homor Urlich Memorial Competition at the University of Maryland. She performed as the principal violinist with the University of Maryland's Symphony and Maryland Sinfonieta as a frequent invitee. Furthermore, Dr. Lee participated in the concert, 'The Celebration of F. Krisler' at the University of Maryland and was one of the selected performers for the Honor Chamber Recital.

Dr. Lee expanded her experience and shared her music beyond her accomplishments at the university.  Dr. Lee received full scholarship from National Institute of Orchestra and Brevard Summer Music Festival. At the festival, her chamber group was selected as the honor chamber  group. Furthermore, Dr. Lee won Artists International Presentations Award which lead to her New York debut recital at the Carnegie Weill Hall in 2008–2009 season.


Since relocating back to Korea, Dr. Lee founded the chamber music group, Ensemble MOSAIC with her duet partner Minna Han. This ensemble was the only Artist-in-Residence at Banpo Art Hall and Dr. Lee served as a music director. As the music director of the hall and the leader of Ensemble MOSAIC, she imparted her enthusiasm and genuine passion for educating and promoting gifted young musicians and guided them to the next step in the field of music. Dr. Lee has generated many programs for different levels of audiences: 'Concerts with Talks', 'New Year's Gala Concerts', 'Summer Concert Series' and celebrated by these successful programs, 'Strad, Korea' and 'International Piano, Korea'.

As a solo violinist and a collaborator, Dr. Lee performed frequently at Recital Hall and IBK Chamber Hall in Seoul Arts Center, Young-san Art Hall, Baroque Chamber Hall, Banpo Art Hall, Mir Hall, Jang-chun Art Hall in Seoul and Busan Citizen Hall in Busan. Currently Dr. Lee holds a position as a concertmaster of Catholic Orchestra of Korea and Korea Philharmonic Orchestra and enjoys performing duet with her partner Dr. Minna Han. The duet, Duo SOLEO, performs throughout the U.S and South Korea. The major venues the duo has performed include the famed Carnegie Weill Hall and Preston Bradley Hall in the historic Chicago Cultural Center.